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What is with the OWLS??? And we’re not talking about Hedwig!

on December 10, 2011

Yep, you read that right. Owls. They’re everywhere!

Don’t believe me? Check these weird/creepy/almost-kinda-cute-…-almost pics

So, as you can see, owls are taking over the entire WORLD …kinda. Well, mostly just the world of accessories and Father’s Day Cupcakes but still! I think that we can all agree that if owls could act as a form of post system or affectionately nip our ears (as depicted in the Harry Potter books) without ripping our ears off, it would be okay. Owls would be kinda cool, awesome even! But seeing as the coolest thing about Owls are the they can turn their heads 180 degrees, they are NOT cool. Bats are nocturnal but the fashion industry doesn’t bow down to those mice/dolphins with wings!

Think about it. They’re … birds …. why don’t you put a chicken on a necklace. You wanna know why? Because chickens are birds. Birds are Evil. Now, to those of you who scoff at this … SHUT-UP!!!! *cries in corner* Any who, birds are just evil, look at those beady little eyes of evil … but not for too long or they’ll try to take over your mind and use your host body to take over our entire planet!!!!!

Ahem, sorry ’bout that! Just saying, if it ain’t Hedwig, it ain’t cool … it’s actually kind of scary …

They's be watchin'


One response to “What is with the OWLS??? And we’re not talking about Hedwig!

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